Bing web master tools

Search engine optimization optimizes a website not only in one search engine. It allows optimization of a website in different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. Among these Google got a prominent position. Google web master tool or search console optimize a site. Likewise, bing also optimize a site. Bing web master tool works as a part of Microsoft, add a site then crawl and index the website. Some common features also can be seen between Google search console and Bing web master tools. Here site maps  websters to check whether Bing is viewing their sitemap correctly.

How it work?

Before using Bing web master tools, First thing need to ensure is that he have a Microsoft account. If have no account, create an account in Microsoft. After creating an account sign into the Bing web master. Then

  • Copy the URL of our blog. For example, Then paste it in the place “add a site”
  • add sitemap like this,
  • fill up the following columns
  • then click save


add a site

Verification of our account

  • Copy the meta tag in the open window
  • In the dashboard of our blog click on template
  • Click on edit HTML
  • There paste meta tag as in fig.
  • Save template and go back to bing
  • Click on verification button

meta tag

Steps for fetching our blog to Bing web master tools

  • Take Bing Dashboard
  • Click diagnostics and tools
  • Select fetch as Bing bot
  • Copy the URL of our blog
  • Paste URL in fetch as Bing bot



fetch as bingbot

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Aparna Jacob