Spamming is defined as ” flooding the internet with copies of same messages “. Spamming in SEO is related to reach pages differ  from search results. This will lead to untrust and people will leave the pages. Then number of visits  decreases and in ranking it goes down. So spamming have importance and it should be avioded.

Types Of Spamming

Content Spamming

Niche specific or Content spamming highlights keyword stuffing. When specific keywords appears a number of times in the same site it will be highlighted.  Keyword stuffing is a search engine optimization  technique, in which a web page is loaded with keywords in the meta tags or in content of a web page.  This  may lead to a website being penalized in search ranking on major search engines either temporarily or permanently. An important content spamming is known as content duplication, and is legally termed as content plagiarism. Duplicate content means same content will appear in more than one location in the Internet.  Another niche specific spamming is low quality content spamming. Low quality content spamming includes spelling mistakes, any errors etc. Content spinning and content thinning are the other two content spamming which you see most. Spinning includes  rewriting existing articles, or parts of articles, and replacing specific words,  sentences, or  entire paragraphs with any number of alternate versions. A content with no https://plus.google.com/u/0/103714330925653531711/postsvalue or little content can be refers as content thinning.

Link spamming

When keyword stuffing become a problem another method was introduced and it was known as link spamming. And it tries to exploit weaknesses in link-based standing calculations such as page ranking. Here keywords are replaced by links. When two people compete one who have more links will page ranked first. If both have equal number of links one who have more influenced link will page ranked first. The different link spamming includes,

  • Comment spamming
  •  Wiki spamming
  • Link exchange
  • Link selling
  • Link farming
  • Link referral

Comment Spamming

Any comment that has been posted to a blog for the purpose of generating a back link to the comment author’s own site.

Wiki Spamming

When spammers add links to wikipedia it is called wiki spamming.

Link Exchange

Link exchanging is occurs when  two websites exchange there links.

Link selling and Buying

Links are sell and buy in terms of money.

Link Farming

Link farming can be defined as a method of making links.

Link Referral

Referral link is that when someone wish to refer his website visitor to any other websites he uses links for that purpose.

These all spamming activities should be prevented. For this purpose, Google had made several algorithm updates known as Google algorithm updates. Panda update and  penguin update  are two well known updates that Google has  made to overcome  spamming.

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