Influence of social medias

We all know that nowadays no one can live without social medias. Social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +  were strongly influenced the common man life. Most of the people spend  more time in these social medias without any hesitation. While tweet on Twitter and Like on facebook most people are not thinking how can convert these tweets and  likes into useful ways. These tweets and  likes promote SEO activities and promote our business. Thus social medias play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization.  social-media-seo2

How social media interaction affect SEO

Social media interactions affect the search ranking. When we share in social medias, there we are actually doing is boosting our search ranking. When we get more likes and tweets Google will ensure its credibility. Social medias such as Google+, Linkedin also promote the search ranking. Our social profiles have a strong  influence on  the content of our search results. Among these social networks, LinkedIn gets more priority, because beyond just being a social network it is considered as a business network. Because of its business focus, it has a nature of professionalism.

Steps to attach twitter profile to blog

We have seen all those people on Twitter who tweet their blog posts  and seen blogs where they either link to their Twitter account or show their tweets right there on the page.  How do they do it? For this, our twitter profile must add first to blog. The necessary steps include,

first log in to our twitter- settings- widgets-  click on createnew- profile – copy URL. Go to blogger- layout- add a gadget-HTML/Javascript- content- paste the URL save- save arrangement- view blog- twitter profile attached to the blog.

Steps to attach LinkedIn to blog

Click on profile-edit profile-customise you’re public- remove digits from public profile URL – save- create public profile badge- copy code- Back to blogger- layout- add a gadget- HTML- paste code- saveAfter attaching this blog to twitter and Linkedin, there is a catching process. For this go to –  click on add a property- take main URL- click on go- fetch- submit- verify- copy HTMLtag- go to blogger- template- edit HTML – paste meta tag in between <head> sections- save template. Then take search console-webmaster-verify-click on continue- click on crawl- click on fetch as google- the the main URL of our blog give there- click on fetch-submit to an index- click on,  not a robot – the case of catching just blog, crawl only the link otherwise put a tick on the second option. Likewise,  There is also steps in the word processor to attach our post to these social medias.

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